We develop and execute creative, data-driven social media marketing campaigns to deliver targeted leads and customers to your business, to build your brand, and to nurture your existing user-base.

Whether you want to generate leads, downloads, subscribers, clicks, harvest consumer data, or run Geo-targeted and interest specific ad-campaigns – we can help.

A well-optimized social media marketing strategy can return ROI far in excess of that which can be achieved via other channels such as Pay-Per Click (PPC) and SEO – due in part to the much more granular user targeting which is possible via social platforms.

Your Customers Are Using Social Media

Social media shouldn’t be ignored as part of an online marketing strategy. In fact, going ‘social’ could be the best thing your business ever does. Your customers are already there – ready to be engaged.

Social media has been adopted by the masses at an amazing pace when compared with other technologies,Twitter reached 50m users in just nine months, something which took radio almost 40 years!

your customers are on social media

Is your Business Leveraging Social Media?

Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than average lead conversion rates.

  • Do you have an automated social media lead identification pipeline?
  • Are you nurturing your social communities?
  • Are you optimizing your broadcasts and interactions for maximum visibility?
  • Are your web-properties technically configured to use open-graph tags and Twitter-cards for enhanced listings & more clicks?
  • Are you benefiting from creation, scheduling and re-use of evergreen content?
  • Do your social networks return in organic search results?
  • Are you leveraging automation to augment and complement your overall strategy?
  • Are you listening and responding to what consumers are saying about your products?
  • Are you proactive or reactive to social conversation?
  • Are relevant social influencers advocating on your behalf?


Social Media Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the common questions concerning social media is “what is the ROI of social media, and how is it measured?” There is no single return on investment in social media.

Some social metrics are activity-based (e.g. ‘likes’, ‘re tweets’, ‘shares’, number of fans), while others are result-based (such as clicksleads and conversions).

While both buy celebrex celecoxib 200 mg types of metrics offer value, the key is that every social media metric should tie to a business metric, which should map to a business goal (e.g. user leads, information pack downloads, consultation bookings, sales, registrations).

Why Social Media Marketing Makes Sense For Your Business

  • Social media ad-platforms offer marketers high-granularity user targeting options which facilitate laser-targeting of specific customer personas (i.e. your perfect customers) based on factors such as their location, demographics, interests, web-pages they liked and other variables. This targeting ability enables marketers to serve highly relevant and optimised ads to different customer segments which will more than likely to convert at a high rate, with low cost.
  • The data provided by social-media marketing campaigns and social network analysis can contribute to success in achieving a wide range of business goals, in addition to providing insightful and actionable data for other aspects of your business, such as content marketing and SEO.
  • Your customers are using social media platforms, and they tend to convert at ~13% higher than average lead conversion rates.

Why Hire Us For your Social Media Marketing ?

  • We ‘get‘ social.
  • We’ve worked within the most competitive industries out there and delivered top results for our clients, regardless of the competition.
  • We have the skills, experience and expertise necessary to create, manage and execute powerful, dynamic social media campaigns for our clients which deliver excellent results.
  • We ‘get’ that in order to deliver a high-performing social acquisition and lead-generation campaign,we must go beyond ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘tweets’ – forging real social relationships, and building trust and credibility with your target consumers to increase inbound leads, conversions and brand awareness.
  • We use advanced social media techniques, for example using network science tools to perform social data extraction, visualization and analysis (Social Network Analysis) to map out and understand the social eco-system in which our clients operate – in order to provide provide a holistic view and high fidelity data-set to drive well-informed and effective marketing decisions, strategy and tactics.

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