Small Business Online Marketing Package

The Internet and the online space is a huge dynamic marketing tool. Ensuring that you get maximum visibility and return on investment from online involves a lot more than simply deploying a website and waiting for visitors. The websites which rank in the top spots on search engine results pages are working hard to make sure they succeed. To compete, you need your online marketing strategy to work hard too.

You need a Professional, Search Engine Optimised Website

Competition is fierce online, and you require a professional website which can rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs) if you want to compete in the marketplace.

It’s never been easier to get online, which is why new online advertisers face so much competition. The internet and the world-wide web is constantly evolving. While you website might have been fit for purpose when you first created it, it’s quite likely that it’s been technically surpassed by ‘smarter’, more modern online sites, and new SEO-best practices which are always evolving.

We will ensure that your website can be read easily, understood and ranked well by Google’s search engine algorithms as well as those of other popular search engines.

To compete successfully, your business needs a professional website which not only shows your company in the best light possible, but also one that is Search engine Friendly to the core

If this sounds like an expensive proposition take a look at our custom marketing package for small businesses – tailored for small businesses like yours who don’t have the time to learn how websites and search-engines work,  to see how your company can quickly benefit from a redesign.

For just £497 a month, over 12 months, you can get a professionally designed website with all the important stuff taken into account, including accessibility, microformats, tracking, integrated search engine optimisation, online advertising and online marketing that is guaranteed to improve your online search visibility.

After 12 months with DDM, you will not only learn which online marketing tools and channels are best suited for your business, but you will also have learned enough to start managing your online marketing yourself.

A Complete Redesign

SEO Friendly web development  redesign

  • A unique, custom, search-engine friendly website that is conversion focused and coded to conform to strict web standards and guidelines.
  • An appealing and functional website which you can be proud of, and which reflects the pride you have in your business.
  • Landing page buy celebrex 200mg online testing on key pages on your site to ensure optimal page layout to convert as many customers as possible.
  • A website built upon a content management system (CMS) so that you can easily update or change any aspect of your website.
  • A mobile friendly version of your website.
  • A fully integrated blog to help with your content strategy and social networking.
  • Help setting up your company’s profiles on the plethora of social media sites online
  • Help setting up email accounts.
  • We will claim and optimize your local listings pages.

Professional Analytics Setup and Management

Analytics Setup And Management

  • We’ll configure your Google Analytics account and install the tracking codes correctly on your website.
  • We’ll set up your advanced custom profiles and filters.
  • We’ll activate sitesearch for advanced data and insights
  • We’ll configure your goals, conversion and engagement metric tracking.
  • We’ll setup and install your e-commerce tracking.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Analytics for SEO

  • We will specify the code and data your site according to the latest web-standards (accessibility) and microformats (where appropriate) so that user agents such as search engine bots can crawl, read and understand the data on your site.
  • We’ll ensure all content on your site is indexed.
  • We’ll configure XML sitemap generation on your site, as well as submitting the files to search engines
  • We’ll provide monthly recommendations on how to get links to your website through a well targeted content strategy.

Online Advertising

Adwords for Search Engine Marketing and Research

  • We’ll set up and manage your paid search account using Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) for the first 3 months.
  • We’ll extend your account incrementally, according to your KPI’s, budget and conversions.
  • We’ll install conversion tracking on your site as well as integrating with Google Analytics.
  • We’ll make informed budget recommendations and provide advice for existing PPC accounts.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing LinkBuilding

  • We’ll use analytics and PPC data to provide you with a list of topics to blog about. Topics that will help your customers find you.
  • We’ll recommend the best places to promote your content.
  • We’ll provide monthly content strategy recommendations to improve your online visibility.

Complete Insight

  • We will provide easy to understand reports on how your project is progressing.
  • We will provide input and ideas on every aspect of your online presence.
  • You can submit support requests or questions at any time of the day or night and have a professional answer within hours.
  • You will have someone to explain your reports so you’re not looking at pages upon pages of numbers and not know what to do with them.

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