Achieving better rankings in organic search engine results pages is important for any business with a website – in fact top organic search rankings are more important than ever before.

Many website owners and online businesses feel that that organic (unpaid) search results are ‘shrinking’. In fact, paid advertising is competing with your organic listings and dominating search results pages like never before. To compound the situation, some search queries are returning less than ten organic search results! The marketplace is fiercely competitive, and there’s not much room on the organic virtual shop-floor.

Links: a Major Search Engine Ranking Factor

Year after year, data-driven studies by some of the smartest search marketers confirm that links are indeed a major factor in good web-rankings. Annual industry surveys echo these results. What is known as ‘link-building’ or link-development is the acquisition of relevant, powerful, targeted hyperlinks to your website and the pages therein from third party web-properties.

One size does not fit all – which is why we build each link-building campaign around the goals and needs of each individual client.In layman’s terms, links from other websites to your own website equate to ‘votes of importance’ for search engines’ complex website ranking algorithms. Links from important and relevant sites in your own niche (as well as links from the ‘general internet’) will offer the biggest return on investment for your link-building.

Targeted content-marketing based link-building campaigns

At Digital Destiny Marketing, we  develop relevant, powerful, targeted links to your site to improve your rankings, boost your site authority and enable your site to rank for more of your big money celebrex buy online uk key-phrases. We will do the necessary research to identify which sites/types of sites/links will offer you the biggest SEO benefit, and we will manage the placement of relevant links.

We think a link that doesn’t get a clicks is not a good link – therefore we also make sure your links are featured in places where they are likely to bring in targeted clicks from you potential customers.

Quality, clean & targeted link-development

We know that it’s not about quantity of links – it’s all about quality. The last 12 months has seen a number of high profile web-sites suffering huge search engine penalties due to using frowned-upon link-building practices. Generally you cannot (and shouldn’t) purchase a link – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them.

We take great pride in developing and running creative, out of the box link development campaigns Our link-building campaigns will stimulate high-quality, targeted organic link generation and content marketing to improve your search rankings.

We specialize in link building in diverse and sometimes difficult niches, (e.g. from the world of holidays and travel to gambling).

We employ only ‘white-hat’ link-building techniques (those which are permitted under the webmaster guidelines of the search engines) so that you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about receiving warnings or penalties due to bad link-building practices.

Building clean, relevant links to your website takes a lot of time, effort and hard-work – but it is worth it.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your specific link development requirements.