We have the experience, skills & tools to deliver high-impact, highly targeted crowdfunding marketing & PR campaigns to help you reach or even smash your funding goal.

Crowdfunding has established itself a legitimate financing model for many entrepreneurs hoping to bring a product or service to the market with financial assistance from the masses.

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made it easy for backers and supporters of great products / ideas to safely donate money to campaigns which they love, believe in, and wish to support.

Having a great idea is not a 100% recipe for crowdfunding success

One of the problems facing crowdfunding campaign owners is effectively managing PR & marketing – as quite often these are things they have no experience in.

Every crowdfunding campaign is different, however crowdfunding success generally requires a smart and tailored marketing strategy & execution to deliver real and meaningful results (buzz and awareness, donations & pledges, press-coverage, exposure, newsletter opt-ins). In short – success depends on getting the right people to know about, and care about your project.

The Keys to Crowdfunding Success

In order to make a crowdfunding campaign a success (reaching or exceeding the campaign funding target), there are a number of essential ingredients:

  • An amazing product or Idea
  • The right mix of supporters, fans, backers and advocates who can help the crowdfunding campaign to succeed by providing critical exposure and donations
  • A comprehensive pre-launch marketing campaign to develop and nurture buy celebrex generic online lists of backers & supporters who will help fund the project from day 1, and who can also provide invaluable product feedback.
  • A targeted media-relations campaign to gain exposure for your campaign via journalists and bloggers.
  • Identification &  outreach to known backers & supporters of other crowdfunding campaigns in the same niche. Relevance is key to success.
  • Social influencer analysis to identify relevant niche social influencers who can help you reach your perfect audience.
  • Ongoing marketing activities such as interest targeted advertising and social media marketing.

Crowdfunding Marketing Services

Our crowdfunding-marketing services packages are designed to be comprehensive and effective.

We use proven PR & marketing techniques, big-data technology and our own in-house lead-finder and social outreach tools to find and convert fans to backers, and to help you build buzz around your campaign in both pre-launch and once the campaign goes live.

Our goal is to get you funded!

Crowdfunding Marketing & PR Package

  • Initial Skype consultation.
  • Development of customer/supporter personas.
  • Social-network analysis (SNA) to identify niche social media influencers based on social data & relationships.
  • Strategy formulation, specific monthly activity targets.
  • Identification & social outreach to supporters + backers of related or similar campaigns.
  • Press-release creation, optimization, distribution.
  • Relevant journalist/blogger research + outreach.
  • Interest-based advertising for granular audience targeting.
  • Research to identify exposure opportunities (websites, forums, blogs, online communities and key bloggers / journalists) which can be leveraged for targeted exposure, product feedback, lead-generation, donations, pledges.
  • Monthly activity report.

If you’re ready for crowdfunding success, get in touch with us today, and get funded.